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About Wastewater

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater is the dirty water that goes down the drains and toilets in your home, school, or business. It needs to be cleaned and disinfected before it is released into the environment. Locally, most wastewater is treated by the LOTT Clean Water Alliance. Take a virtual tour of the Budd Inlet Treatment Plant and discover clean water careers.

Tour LOTT’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

Clean Water Careers at LOTT

More Videos About LOTT

Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water is highly treated wastewater that can be used again for almost anything except drinking. See reclaimed water in action at LOTT’s East Bay Public Plaza, Hawks Prairie Reclaimed Water Ponds, and Tumwater’s Deschutes Valley Park.

Experience Reclaimed Water

Urban Water Cycle Story

Thurston County’s urban water cycle starts underground in an aquifer. The water is then pumped out of aquifers and passes through a series of color-coded underground pipes. Follow along to see where your water comes from and where it goes after.

Urban Water Cycle Story

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