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About Wastewater

Reclaimed Water

Water recycling is an important way to conserve water and protect our drinking water sources. LOTT produces high-quality Class A Reclaimed Water by cleaning treated wastewater one step further with filtering technologies. Reclaimed water can be used for almost anything except drinking. This water resource is used around our community to irrigate parks and landscapes. If you spot purple pipes or sprinkler heads, you know reclaimed water is being used!

Play at the East Bay Plaza

The community space located across from LOTT in front of the Hands on Children’s Museum features a wading stream fed by reclaimed water. The stream is the first reclaimed water feature in the state approved for play. Splash and play in the stream. Enjoy the bronze sculptures and relax on the benches.

Splash and Play at the Plaza

Wander Hawks Prairie Ponds

Visit the 40 acre site on Hogum Bay Road in Lacey. Walk along the ADA accessible trails around the wetlands. What wildlife might you spot? At Hawks Prairie Ponds, Class A Reclaimed Water circulates through a series of five constructed wetland ponds before entering shallow basins where it soaks slowly into the ground to replenish groundwater.

Wander Hawks Prairie Ponds

Deschutes Valley Park

The park is built on top of the reclaimed water storage tank that holds irrigation water for Tumwater’s golf course and nearby landscaping. There is a playground, restroom, and picnic area. How many purple sprinkler heads can you find?

Visit Deschutes Valley Park

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