About Our Water

Reclaimed Water

Does it make sense to use water once and throw it away? Not really. Reclaimed water is water that’s been used, cleaned, and is ready to be used again for almost anything except drinking. LOTT uses proven technologies that mimic nature’s treatment and filtering process to produce high-quality Class A Reclaimed Water. Here’s the surprising part – it’s cleaner than the water found in many local lakes and rivers. Water recycling is an important way to conserve water.

A New Water Resource

Producing reclaimed water not only conserves drinking water, it makes sense for the environment. How, you ask? In traditional wastewater management, water that has been pumped from wells is used, sent down the sewer system, and treated. It is then funneled through a single discharge point, in our case Budd Inlet, far from its original source. By producing reclaimed water, a portion of this water is returned to the watershed, closer to where it was originally withdrawn, helping to restore the natural water cycle. Reclaimed water released in the watershed can recharge groundwater, restore stream flow, enhance wetlands, and improve habitat for fish and wildlife. This also benefits Puget Sound by decreasing the amount of effluent released into Budd Inlet. You can even splash and wade in this reclaimed water at the  East Bay Public Plaza.  

Purple Pipes

A separate system of underground purple pipes transports this water resource for use in our communities. Purple-coded pipes ensure that utility workers and consumers don’t confuse reclaimed water with drinking-water supplies. Many of our local parks are irrigated with reclaimed water, so you might also see purple sprinkler heads. The Class A Reclaimed Water LOTT produces must meet strict state standards before it’s put to use. Find more information about reclaimed water and how it is used locally on our LOTT website.

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