Education Program

One Water Art Project

The LOTT Clean Water Alliance is committed to sustainability and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) education. We continually look for innovative ways to attract, engage, and empower students with diverse interests and skills. We are proud to announce that our “One Water: The Infinite Journey” art and education project won a Sustainability Award from the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association. The award recognizes projects that showcase sustainable design and offer public education about sustainability in the clean water industry.

We partnered with local artist Carrie Ziegler of Earth Art to create an engaging and educational art piece about water for the WET Science Center. Using her unique approach to education, Ziegler worked with more than 1,200 Thurston County students and adults to create the new piece titled “One Water – The Infinite Journey.” The result of this project is not just an art installation; it is a story of water.

Ziegler made over 45 presentations to local 6th-12th grade students and adults on the importance of water conservation, how water cycles through our natural and urban areas, and appreciation for clean water. Following the presentation, participants created embossed aluminum water drops and fish, reflecting on what they learned. Ziegler incorporated these individual pieces into a suspended art installation to hang in the front windows of the WET Science Center. The full piece depicts an infinity symbol, showing the continuous cycle of water from our urban environment to Puget Sound.

The One Water mural is a teaching tool and is incorporated into our education programs and tours. It’s also a conversation piece for visitors to the WET Science Center. Upon hearing the story of the art piece’s creation, visitors are able to relate to the messaging in a new way. It has had a huge impact on participating students and teachers. They continue to bring their family and friends into the WET Science Center to show them what they were a part of. This unique combination of art and environmental education has helped reach and motivate a broader audience in our community. We hope you’ll come visit and see this amazing piece for yourself.

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