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Scientists on the Go

Integrating science into a child’s weekly learning can increase their curiosity while incorporating reading, writing, and math skills! Check back for updated science activities and new printable activity packets.  

Howling with the Wolves

Celebrate Wolf Awareness Week with Wolf Haven’s activities! Did you know wolves were almost extinct in the lower 48 states, but now they are returning? Do they actual howl at moons? Nope! Discover how we can coexist with wolves through better understanding what humans and wolves have in common. Enjoy these wolf activities and find links to grade appropriate science packets below. Email us a photo of your completed activity and an interesting wolf fact to earn yourself a wolf bookmark.

Color a Family of Wolves
Make an Origami Wolf
Design 3D Wolf Cutout 
Play Wolf Ecosystem Bingo
Virtually Visit Wolf Haven’s Sanctuary

Elementary Science Packets

Printable science packets are created in partnership with environmental organizations in Thurston ECO Network. The packets are designed to work toward Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards to ensure youth are learning about grade appropriate concepts. Print the PDF packet and start exploring local ecosystems and hidden secrets!

K – 1st Grade
How Are You Similar to a Wolf? (ESS3.A, LS1.C)

2nd – 3rd Grade
How do Wolves Communicate? (LS1-D)
Go on a Salmon Habitat Hunt (3-LS1-1)

4th – 5th Grade
Where Have Wolves Traveled? (LS2.D, LS4.C: Adaptation)
How Much Freshwater is on Earth? (5-ESS2-2)
Go on a Salmon Habitat Hunt (L-5S2-1)

All Grades
How Walkable is Your Community

Environmental Connections

Thurston ECO Network
Nisqually River Education Project
Pacific Shellfish Institute
South Sound GREEN
Walk N’ Roll
Wolf Haven International

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