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The East Bay Public Plaza is right outside the WET Science Center and in front of the Hands On Children’s Museum. This fun urban park is owned and operated by the LOTT Clean Water Alliance. The plaza is home to a wading stream, a demonstration wetland, green features, and lots of water-themed art to explore.

The stream and wetland are the real stars of the plaza. They are special, not only because they were designed with lots of features that mimic a natural stream and wetland, but because the water that feeds them mimics nature’s recycling processes, too. Both the stream and the wetland pond are fed by Class A Reclaimed Water produced by LOTT. Reclaimed water is water that has been used, cleaned, disinfected, and is ready to be used again, just like the natural water cycle!

Directions & Hours

The plaza is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The stream is currently closed for the winter, but is expected to reopen in June. “Like” the East Bay Public Plaza on Facebook to receive notices and other plaza news and updates.

Learn more about Plaza Art and Green Features (PDF) and use this Scavenger Hunt (PDF) to find hidden animals, plants, artwork, and more.

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